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02 May 2008 @ 03:21 pm
I'm ladyslittleone and I'm delighted to have been able to help your former friendly neighbourhood maintainer with her hiatus and to be here with all of you. I'm quite a Remus fan myself.

Same community rules will apply, of course, and please don't hesitate to get in touch here if you have any questions or concerns. Comments to this post will be screened.

Have fun!
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22 August 2007 @ 11:15 pm
Full Circle
Word Count: 500
Rating: G
Pairing: Lupin/Tonks
Prompt: Canon wedding not seen in the books
Warning: Angsty


His mind was spinning. It had only been three days since he had realized she was pregnant. Since he had picked up on the change in her scent, a change she wouldn't realize was happening for at least another week. He asked her to marry him almost immediately, without thinking. Without telling her she was pregnant.
11 August 2007 @ 05:20 am
Hi, everybody! I'm happy to be posting some fanfic here, as you'll see within a few seconds of reading it, it may say it's Sirius/Remus but, to me, at least, it's all about the Remus. I also thought I'd post it, just to show that I feel no ill will towards the puppy-ship and love reading/writing about them. Links to my journal.

Title: Overchay with Me, Chapter 6
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: Fluctuates from PG-13 to R, but has yet to reach NC-17
Disclaimer: Is very pointless, to me.
Summary: The boys at Hogwarts. The growth of their relationship. Mostly good-natured humor.

Set after my Waiting a Long Time Quadrilogy.

Chapter One: Life in My Closet
Chapter Two: Let's Go, Just You and Me
Chapter Three: Pretend You Never Even Knew Me
Chapter Four: Guilt from the Necks You Bite Into
Chapter Five: You Can See the Darkest Side of Me

"Sirius told him to go down there, mate. He was trying to kill the bastard, and he was going to make you do it."
08 August 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Sorry I'm late with this, folks - real life intervened. We've only had three entries for the icon contest (all fantastic, imo - it's going to be hard to choose!), so I tacked on the current one (from remus-lupin.net) just in case anyone's terribly attached to it. Voting will close in one week.

Poll #1035871 Icon poll

Which icon should be the default for the remus_lives community?

by kittehkat
by sarafilipa
by sarafilipa
from remus-lupin.net
01 August 2007 @ 05:30 pm
Just something I thought you might find amusing.

When HBP came out, mike_smith decided to do a review of the book. The thing was: he'd never ever read a Harry Potter book in his life and he wasn't (and isn't) really a fan of it, least of all of Harry himself, so the reviews ended up being very snarky and sometimes rather random too (he put random comic and anime characters in the reviews to keep himself entertained). The HBP review can be found here. In the past two years, he's also reviewed PoA and PS/SS (not yet archived but in the memories of his lj I think). Right now he's reviewing TDH and he's just reached the 11th chapter - the one in which Remus angsts about Tonks being pregnant. 

Just a random quote: "Seriously, what the hell IS this? Voldemort rules England and we're having a Lifetime Moment with R. J. Emopants here? F*ck this douche. I've given Lupin props in the past for being one of the few characters in this series with a lick of common sense, and here he is crying about something that hasn't even happened yet. If he's that worried about having a child, why didn't he think of that before he went to the altar?"

Etc and more like that. Read it here. For more, click the tags. :)
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01 August 2007 @ 11:37 am
One more day to create comm icons, folks. (Post them in the comments here). Does anyone want the deadline extended through this coming weekend?
31 July 2007 @ 08:11 pm
The Potterwatch Prophet ( pw_prophet) is now accepting news items for our first publication.  It is the first Pottervesrse Newspaper to focus entirely on DH and Post-DH related items.  So if have anything to contribute (icons, fanfiction, fanart, a new DH comm, a rpg, etc.) please send us an email with the link to your creation and we will put it in our next publication:  potterwatch.prophet@gmail.com  -  Thank you.

Subscribe now!  First issue due out August 11, 2007 - look for a mini issue to be posted this weekend if we get enough news.  We plan to start out as a weekly publication.

Note: Subscribe = add us to your friends list or 'watch' us.
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30 July 2007 @ 11:05 am
scant Remus and Tonks info from the bloomsbury chat that just ended...Collapse )

...wow, that was anticlimactic and not terribly satisfying. I shouldn't be surprised...
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30 July 2007 @ 02:28 am
This was cross posted at the dh_spoil site too and it case it gets deleted or whatever I wanted to post it here too, because I think this included ALL HP fans.

[The original post]:

Now, I was going through the old posts and such here, and while this may seem rude, I saw this post and it truly pissed me off for some reason:

((Anonymous)) wrote in spoil_me_dh on July 19th, 2007 at 10:45 pm
Ummm. What exactly is it that you think she owes you? This is her sandbox, her world, her characters. She can do any damn thing she wants with them. If you do not like what she has done, don't buy the book. How many of you who are bitching and moaning still plan on buying the book?

Now, I'm sorry - I can't let this go without saying something...I probably shouldn't get as angry about this as I am but I can't help it - NO ONE deserves to be talked fown to like that. So here's what I have to say to the oh-so-mature Anonymous:

For one thing, I am not a fanatic - I got plenty of other things going on in my life and I'm a writer as well; if you don't like how people re-act when they are disappointed in something that they have followed loyally and respected a great deal (what you call "fanatic", oh-so-sutle-one) then you can piss off.

If you don't like this whole line of discussion, don't come here talking down to people like they are lower than you - because that's exactly what you are doing; talking down to us like we are shit.

As a writer, yes, you are suppose to write for yourself and what you want - but that doesn't mean completely disregarding your fans on a number of levels and reasons.

Get it? Maybe instead of telling us we need to "get a life" you need to stop being such an ass-hole.

Oh, and by the way, do you around to other LJ comm.s talking down to people from your pedestal under "anonymous" instead of having enough balls to post under your name and take responsibility for what you say?

Sorry if this is against the rules or whatever, but I think it needed to be said and I wanted everyone to know that.
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29 July 2007 @ 09:29 pm
Haven't seen this exact interview bit linked on here yet:


I think I might be in love with the title of that article. Sorry, that's my crack-humor side showing, but I do find it funny.

Now what I'm wondering if Remus and Tonks were marked for death from book five onward, rather than a last minute change as book seven was being written.

Yeah actually, Remus, MadEye, Tonks, all seeing Harry off at the end of book five, and now all dead.
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